• Commercial Focus

    We design to connect brand with business. Our processes ensure we identify the required business outcome up front, which then enables innovative design to be part of the solution.

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  • Innovative Designers

    We approach every design project with a clear client briefing and set project objectives for our design team so their natural flair and personal style shines, while delivering results.

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  • Competitive

    COG Design is competitive with all our clients creative projects. Our methodologies ensure dependable commercial solutions that focus on superior quality while remaining viable.

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  • COG Design News

    • Graphic Design Services

      COG Design specialises in traditional art working commonly known as graphic design or commercial design. Now with the support of the broader COG Branding Group, COG Design is proudly now focused purely on designing the most innovative and current design concepts and styling for our existing and new clients.

    • Digital Design

      COG Strategy is a business established to deliver the premium in brand and marketing strategy. The newest unit of the COG Branding Group, COG Strategy specialises in delivering strategy solutions for businesses and brands requiring tactical and bespoke planning products and services to support communications and marketing programs.

  • Client Feedback