Content Marketing Design

If the design of a content marketing campaign is stinky, guess what? The campaign is likely to be stinky.

Content marketing design is revealed through the graphic and digital elements of an online campaign. Our Sydney based design experts know how to control your content.

Content Marketing Design

  • COG Design create and manage specific pieces of content for brands and companies wanting to explore the promotion and communication of their business offer via a content marketing campaign.

    Content Marketing Design can include imagery, video and text as a combined piece of media or singularly on their own. COG Design often rely on COG Digital for the intelligence on how best to deploy and manage content marketing, and when the campaign is a large one we engage COG Strategy for the insights and campaign planning advice prior to creating and design digital marketing content.

  • While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads.

    We’re focused on building content that generates shares, clicks and consumer engagement. COG Design is here to ensure your digital content for marketing will deliver to brief and is visually stunning, impactful and unique.  We’re also considerate of the broader business and brand communications when we build content, while the campaign is focused at a more targeted level, there does need to be some considerations to brand synergy. If it’s not on brand we’ll give you a heads up.

    Our Sydney design agency delivers reliable and high performance creative solutions for all digital and social channels such as websites, out of home digital screens and advertising, social media channels such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In for our corporate and business focused clients.