Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online. 13% of adults access the internet via mobile only. (11% access the internet via desktop only).

The COG Design methodology for mobile website design is to focus on what the user needs to achieve while using the website, and what the business needs from a conversion perspective.

Mobile Website Design

  • We know through analytics and traffic what trends are demanding mobile specific considerations, so we design mobile websites that adapt to the current and forecasted technologies and user behaviours.

    The COG Design processes and methods in mobile website design focus on what the user needs to achieve while using their mobile device, and what the business requirements are for their user from a conversion perspective.

    The thumb scrolling behaviours of a millenial teenager are vastly different to that of a chubby fingered tradesman, we know when to apply certain strategies and clever forward thinking tactics to integrate Social Media activity and services.

  • COG Design website developers communicate with dedicated customer service and project management. We’re a Sydney design agency and welcome client meetings with our design team.

    Our consideration to strategy and tactics make our approach to mobile website design results focused, our clients win with their handheld websites. We design websites to work responsively with mobile and tablet devices, and translate seamlessly with the desktop environment.

    Translating a website into the mobile environment requires a dedicated understanding of the different user groups and their behaviours online. COG Design deliver a superior and smart approach to mobile phone website design, we know to achieve a optimum conversion rate we first need intimate knowledge of our clients customer and audience.

Below are some examples of our Mobile Website work. Browse our client projects, it will give you an idea of our agencies capabilities.