Food Packaging Design

We’re Food Packaging Designers delivering project success.

COG Design is a Sydney branding agency solving food packaging problems.

Food Packaging Design

  • COG Design is all about creating food packaging that jumps off the shelf. We’re packaging professionals using innovative and dynamic food package solutions for businesses selling branded food product lines.

    When designing food package graphics we ensure the key brand assets and mandatories are included in the briefing and handover prior to project commencement. Our Sydney located food package designers are professional in their approach and creative in their thinking – your food packaging project will be a project sucess.

    Around 36% of food packaging is in paper and cardboard, cornering the market when it comes to packaging materials. Take a look in your pantry or refrigerator it’ll confirm this is the case. While plastics have reached 30% with many cheaper alternatives available, COG Design always try to push clients towards a more sustainable option as it is an increasingly considered factor in a consumers purchasing decision. Metal packaging is decreasing at about 20% of all food packaging though still has a valid niche. Glass accounts for 10% of the packaging that’s used in Australia today. Being easy to break is the first obvious reason to this.

  • COG Design is a branding agency located in Cronulla, the Sutherland Shire in south of Sydney. We operate with strong project management and communicate with exceptional customer service.

    The design studios goal is to ensure our clients understand what their packaging project needs to achieve with it’s product and what sort of retail environment it will be sold in.

    Our experienced design team solves food packaging design problems for clients from all channels and sectors. We deliver progressive solutions in food packaging including pack materials, paper and plastic stocks, seals and adhesives, through-the-line marketing solutions and ideation. Our packaging design solutions are focused on functionality, aesthetic and style.

    We partner with large and medium sized enterprise businesses right through to small start ups and sole traders. Our designers are focused on designing websites that are tailored for your specific business requirements and that are a pleasure to use for your target audience.

We’re a Sydney packaging design agency developing creative solutions for all types of FMCG packaging briefs.

FMCG Packaging Design

  • COG Design is a graphic and packaging company that treats FMCG packaging design like a promotional design project where the brief includes making the product jump off the shelf.

    COG Design are packaging experts using innovative and creative package solutions and graphic design for companies and branded product lines needing to actively market their product in the competitive FMCG space.

    Our experience in servicing packaging customers from wholesale agencies right through to independent brands ensures progressive and considered solutions in materials, paper stock, packaging design style and project management.

  • COG Design provides packaging solutions in print marketing for Food packaging, Confectionary and Cereals packaging, Healthcare packaging, Household packaging, Personal Care packaging, Dairy packaging and Drinks packaging.

    The package solutions we provide our clients are focused on style, aesthetic and function. We’re a packaging agency that designs FMCG packaging to win at the checkout with food, eco, healthcare and household packaging.

    When designing package designs and graphics we ensure the key brand assets and product mandatories are considered in the graphic design solutions, and by following company and brand style guides and client briefs.

    COG Design are professional in our approach and creative in our thinking.

Below are some examples of our packaging work. Click through and browse some of our client projects, it will give you an idea of our agencies capabilities.